Suck until you vomit!

Diana , Lavinia
Duration 29 minutes
Quality HD
Category Vomit
Date Mar 08, 2020


Diana comes home and catches her girlfriend masturbating with a dildo! How absurd! Maddened, she takes the object and puts it in Lavínia's throat, making the blonde suck it almost entirely, and imposing something disgusting... The girl's vomit. The blonde can't take it in her throat and puts out everything in her stomach, and for her misfortune, Diana does the same, pouring her vomit on Lavínia's head and letting it run down her body, like a waterfall. Diana still drags the girl across the floor, sticking all the pieces of digested food that have fallen on her body, leaving her soaked and soiled! It looks like Diana ate a feast before throwing up on the girl!

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