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Drunk vomit

Spicy , Cristina , Iohana Alvez
Duration 30 minutes
Quality HD
Category Vomit
Date Jun 09, 2019


Spicy enters the bathroom ready to enjoy a relaxing bath, but her friends Cristina and Iohana arrive from a party very drunk. They begin to make fun of the situation while Spicy is very angry with their condition, while they begin to vomit all over the bathroom. Taking advantage of the disgusting act they are already are doing, Cristina and Iohana also vomit in their friend who is fighting with them, because they get irritated with Spicy’s annoyance. The girl gets completely covered in white vomit, stinking of alcohol, lying on the floor and naked. The drunks cast several jets of digested food on her face and body to demean her as much as they can. Can you imagine how disgusting it must be to want a relaxing bath and end up all vomited by two drunks?

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