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Returned banquet

Nicole , Saori Kido
Duration 30 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Vomit
Date Jul 17, 2019


Saori has prepared a lunch banquet to greet her friend Nicole! It has pasta, coke, fruit, cake and lots of whipped cream, so they can eat until they can’t take it anymore. And that's exactly what they do! These two don’t stop eating food while they chat, and although everything is delicious, their stomachs can’t stand everything and Nicole ends up vomiting. Saori also returns the food soon after, and these two continue to eat and vomit throughout the movie. Excited and horny with the moment, they take off their clothes and start rubbing themselves full of vomit, with Saori licking the remains of food on her friend's body and them both masturbating deliciously in the end. So amazing!

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Jul 27, 2019

I too wish this was more humiliating for one of the girls as a slave and that she got vomit on her head and hair


Jul 22, 2019



Jul 19, 2019

I miss the old MFX girls, so much better than these new ones. Why aren't they vomiting in each others mouths and swallowing it. Why aren't they forcing snot into each others mouths out of their noses? Either these bitches are soft, or the director sucks. Get better girls!

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