Swollen bellies

Karla , Tati
Duration 30 minutes
Quality HD
Category Vomit
Date Jun 30, 2019


Thatty and Karla just got off the beach, but they're not feeling all right. After eating too much and taking too much sun, their bellies are huge and they are feeling intense pain! They try to relieve themselves, but the pain is so absurd that soon Thatty feels very nauseous and threatens to vomit. Karla readily positions her girlfriend to take advantage of what's to come, and guess what? Thatty releases a jet of vomit straight into Karla's face, who loves it! The girl just can’t stop vomiting in huge quantities, with obvious pieces of food, so Karla also relieves herself and the sticky vomits spread and mix through their bodies. They both love what happens and end up feeling better. Wow!

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