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The slave who loves vomit

Full movie length: 31 minutes Production date: Sep 1, 2019 Full movie price: -- Cristina | Leslie Pack with: 1 clips
Description Movie

Leslie is tidying up her mistress' room the wrong way again! Cristina suspects that the slave likes to be punished, and she is right! Leslie does everything wrong on purpose, because she loves when her domme throws up on her. Cristina takes advantage of the lunch that didn’t do her any good and puts it out, aiming at Leslie's head. The slave is covered with digested food mixed with goo, and her employer lets more and more jets of vomit come out. Leslie is also forced to suck her domme's tongue and her puke-filled pussy, which makes her feel very horny. Finally, the slave masturbates with the pieces of food scattered on her body, and cums deliciously!

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The Lazy Housemaid 2 Apr 23, 2017
december 2019-08-25 23:22:01 UTC

l cant

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