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Vomit-filled clothes

Full movie length: 29 minutes Production date: Oct 13, 2019 Full movie price: -- Raquel | Latifa | Julia | Jade Pack with: 1 clips
Description Movie

Raquel, Latifa and Julia meet Jade for a ride, but realize she copied their clothes! Jade refuses to change and the girls get possessed by it, so they decide to dirty her clothes with something really disgusting… Digested food! With jets of vomiting that make horrible noises, these three pour on Jade everything they have eaten in the past days, and the slime of food runs down the girl’s clothes, hair, face and body, who is completely demeaned and disgusted. They rub the girl in the vomit and make her drink all that is left on the floor, leaving her in such a deplorable situation that it is impossible for her to go out that way. So disgusting!

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Milk and Bananas Nicole Apr 10, 2019
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