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Bold, audacious and vomited

Layana , Adrielli
Duration 32 minutes
Quality HD
Category Vomit
Date Aug 11, 2019


Adrielli is talking to a friend on the phone while eating a bucket full of fruits. She calls her loose maid Layana and asks the girl to bring milk to complete the meal, but from the moment she enters the room, Layana begins to defy and be ignorant with her employer. Adrielli, of course, won’t let this audacious attitude go blank, and she decides to return all the fruit she has eaten this afternoon, and the milk too! The blonde ties Layana's hands and throws up right in her face, smearing her whole body, hair and face from digested fruit mixed with milk. The regurgitated, wet food remains make Layana disgusting, and for further demeaning the maid has yet to take what is left on the floor. Poor Layana!

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