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Dirty room

Alessandra , Perla
Duration 30 minutes
Quality HD
Category Vomit
Date Feb 10, 2019


Alessandra is tired of being Perla’s maid and all she wants is to leave. She even sweeps the dust under the couch, complaining about her job. Perla arrives and can’t believe how dirty the house is, so she will use all of her anger to make Alessandra suffer. She punches the girl’s belly, hits her with the broom and imposes the stick against her stomach, making the girl nauseous. Perla is so cruel that she grabs the maid’s hair and drags her all over the room. Not being able to handle the pain, Alessandra gives back all the food she ate that day, puking a lot. She screams and tries to fight back, but Perla is strong and the maid ends covered in vomit and throwing up even more as she has to ingest her own digested rest of food. This is not even half of what the maid suffers. The room ends up nastier than it already was!

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