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Exciting vomit

Karla , Sabrina Red
Duration 29 minutes
Quality HD
Category Vomit
Date Apr 21, 2019


Karla is in very bad shape, not feeling well! The girl ate something that definitely didn’t do her good and now she just can’t stop vomiting. Sabrina arrives and tries to help her friend, but as soon as she sees a huge jet of vomit, she can’t resist and gets very horny. Soon these two are already undressed, in the empty bathtub, vomiting leftovers on each other and using it for their own pleasure. It's a mixture of lesbian sex with digested food, with these two masturbating, kissing and spitting, besides vomiting in one another's mouth. It’s delightful to watch their dirty breasts and pussies while they moan with pleasure and enjoy all that they can of this very disgusting yet extremely exciting moment.

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