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Flu Medicine

Iohana Alvez , Lizandra
Duration 30 minutes
Quality HD
Category Vomit
Date May 19, 2019


Lizandra has a very bad flu! Iohana is about to go out to work when she hears her girlfriend coughing and decides to check on her. When she sees her conditions, she soon gives up working and go and offer Lizandra a remedy that will cure her of everything. The blondie relies on her girlfriend and for her surprise, she gets a vomit jet on her head! Of course she likes this new healing method and goes on with the little play, getting naked in seconds and vomiting on Iohana as well. They get their bodies smeared with disgusting rests of food, rubbing and kissing, feeling great pleasure in this nauseous act filled with excrement. Do you think this different medicine helped?

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