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Vomit and catarrh

Ravana , Latifa
Duration 30 minutes
Quality HD
Category Vomit
Date Mar 01, 2020


Ravana is very insistent that Latifa goes to the beach with her. The brunette refuses, and yet Ravana doesn’t stop disturbing her, and even tries to kiss her! Latifa gets disgusted, in a way that she decides to use this to teach the girl a lesson: she will throw up on Ravana! While the loose girl sits on the floor, Latifa stands and sticks her fingers in her throat to force the vomit... A waterfall of digested food falls on top of Ravana's head. The goo trickles down her body, and Latifa continues to force the vomit, until everything she has eaten all day is poured on Ravana. To make things worse, Latifa also blows her nose on the girl and ends up making a vomit slime with phlegm, which covers Ravana's body. Yuck!

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