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Vomit shower

Perla , Iris
Duration 30 minutes
Quality HD
Category Vomit
Date Nov 17, 2019


Perla comes in to take a shower at Iris's house and realizes she has no water. She complains to her friend, who gets infuriated by the effrontery and decides to give Perla a bath in her own way so that the girl will never be an ungrateful guest again. Iris throws Perla into the tub, ties her hands, and pours her with a stream of vomit from digested pieces of food straight from her stomach, along with a lot of goo. All of this runs from head to toe of the guest, who isn’t able to clean herself or escape. Iris gives a full bath and makes a point of throwing up on every part of Perla's body, as well as rubbing her in the pieces that fall to the floor. This bath certainly made her filthier than before!

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